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Finding Your Purpose: A Story of Inspiration for Moms Everywhere

It began on the night of my 38th birthday in the shower. Yes, you read it right. Science tells us that you are at your most relaxed and creative state while taking a warm shower.1 In the shower, our brain is distracted by performing the mundane task of cleansing, the feel good hormone dopamine, is released into the circulation, while great ideas buried deep within our subconscious mind surface into conscious thought. 

Back to our story. As I continued to reflect on the past 38 years of my life, I felt a  deep sense of frustration. Why have I not created my ideal career? I chose to spend the past 5 years raising our daughter, giving her my all, and setting her up for future life success. While raising a child is very rewarding in itself and allowed me more time to discover my life’s purpose, I couldn’t fulfill my life’s mission. 

By that time I knew that my purpose on planet Earth was to help children realize their full potential through the neuroscience of child development. But when will there be time to accomplish my desires? I have been in school 11 years, completed a PhD and a prestigious fellowship in brain research studies, yet there I was lost in the grind of being a stay at home mom. I still longed to share my ideas and talents with the world. There was a distinct mismatch between my desires and my reality

Experiencing strong negative emotions drove me into action. That’s when it hit me – I must act now for tomorrow is not guaranteed! So I decided right then and there that I will create a website that night and share my knowledge of neuroscience and child brain development with the world. This way, I can still support my husband’s career and my daughter’s needs while pursuing my aspirations. Even if I could reach only one or two parents child educators, I will leave the world a better place than I found it. 

I immediately leaped out of the shower and enthusiastically began creating the website domain. And that, my friend, is how little was born! Next, my sleepy husband asked: “What are you doing at 11 pm at night and why now?” That’s when I realized that I was embarking on a meaningful journey. 

Hold on before you run off to create the business of your dreams. Allow me to share with you the number one key to success, as proven over and over again by the human psychology literature:

Change your mind, change your life!

The science of positive psychology reveals that when we reprogram our minds to think positively and confidently, we become unstoppable. We are empowered from within, emanating personal magnetism that allows us to accomplish our desires with ease.

Your brain is similar to a super computer, running a program on repeat. The brain cells (neurons) firing together will wire together so that the same thought will create the same behavior and therefore, the same result.2 Once clarity of our objectives and goals is achieved, mindfulness through meditation or journaling can alter your thoughts and reprogram your brain to expect a favorable outcome. 

That is precisely what I did once I discovered my true purpose in life. Everyday during my morning routine, I incorporated the mantra “I CAN AND I WILL – WATCH ME!” This simple yet effective 7 word sentence became embedded deep in my subconscious mind, providing me with the extra push I needed to manifest success in the material world.

Try it for the next 30 days and see the magic unfold.

It takes courage and determination to build a successful business from the ground up. The additive effects of achieving the small daily micro-tasks will culminate in the creation of your dream business and fulfilled life. So go out there and give it your best – mama warrior!  

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